3630 Morton Street · Jacksonville, FL 32217 · 904-557-8413 · audio3k@gmail.com


Audio 3000 is a Jacksonville FL based electronic repair facility. Founder Dennis Sardilli is an Electronic engineer with background in electronic repair with 40 years experience.

Electronics Repair Services

Specializing in live music related electronics, such as guitar amps, bass amps, all types of keyboards, powered and line level digital and analog mixers, parametric and graphic equalizers, effects processors, powered and passive speaker cabinets and wireless microphones. Also home stereo equipment, such as classic 2 channel stereo repair and state of the art modern home theater receivers. On site wiring and connection diagnostics available, as well as on site repair service with reasonable service call rates.

30-Day Labor Warranty

All shop work carries a 30 day labor warranty on services provided.